True Love Waits

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True Love Waits.

Not so true out there.
If you can have it now, why not have it now?

True Love Waits.

Not so true in here, either.
As long as you got the love (or at least your version of it), why wait?

True Love Waits.

Because it spares you from unnecessary pain.
It frees you from excess baggage.

True Love Waits.
Because it is worth it.

I know it will be.

“Does the LORD delight in burnt offerings and sacrifices
as much as in obeying the voice of the LORD ?
To obey is better than sacrifice,
and to heed is better than the fat of rams.”
(1Samuel 15:22, NIV)

The Beloved Asks

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What have you got to say, Love?”

Ham Or Eggs?

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Greg: From the first moment I saw Noelle, I was ham.

George: Did you just say ham?

Noelle: Here we go.

Greg: You’re either ham or eggs. You gotta ask yourself in every situation, “Are you the chicken or are you the pig?”

George: So it’s pig or chicken?

Greg: Look, you gotta play the ham and eggs. Now, now, the chicken is involved in the meal. Now, the pig– now, the pig is committed. So the question is, “Are you involved or are you committed?”

George: Ham or eggs!

Greg: Ham or eggs.

(GREY’S ANATOMY, Season 3)

In Vain

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when arrows are aimed at me, when evil men wait for my fall, then i take refuge in the One who is my shield.. i embrace the One who is Strength and Fortress.. and i rest –yes, i rest– knowing that he who comes not against me but against my God who is on my side will only shoot his arrows in vain.

© M!tzöt, 2007.

Spilt Milk

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What are you gon’ do when the milk has already been spilt?
Do whatever. But don’t you just cry over it, hun..

spilled milk ;)

Cecilia Imogen

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 A salute to a woman whose faith never wavered until the end… Who never complained, but fully trusted her body, soul, and spirit to her Creator, Eternal Father, Lover of her soul, Saviour, and Friend… Surely we will miss you, but we rejoice for you are where you truly belong — in the bosom of the Holy Father.”  (Nene Pagaduan)


When I attended Tita Emy’s memorial service at Cosmo last week, I must admit there was not a lot of hint of emo in me. Maybe it was the sight of countless people from waaaayy back. It was like a BIG family reunion. Or maybe it was the long day that I had. Or the terrible headache I couldn’t wish against.

Today, however, I read through her online obituary, and I helplessly broke down.

Through the years when the Porters would come to Cebu, I did not just see Tita Emy as Pstr. Joe’s wife.. Not even just as Jinky’s mom.. I would look at her and I would see “Emy” and the gentleness in her that is unique.. So unique as it was a gentleness that did not mirror timidity.. Rather, it was a gentleness that reflected such pure strength.. Grace filled her being, and it would so overwhelm the one who would so much as take time to meet her..

Tita Emy lived her life full well. She was a hero not just to me, but also to so many. Certainly, there would be pride so priceless in her Creator’s eyes as He’d lovingly say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I wish that, one day, I will see the same pride in those eyes.


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Do read Pstr. Joe’s message for Tita Emy.. Click here. And for photos, click here..

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To the Porters — it wasn’t just Tita Emy.
The whole family has always been, and still is, an inspiration. Thank you.



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